Contents Claims™ (CCC), the property claim industry's first website totally dedicated to the contents specialist and mobile field adjuster. CCC is a completely web-based tool for adjusters to create detailed inventories in minutes. The system contains over 8 million contents items and prices are updated each day. Whether it is one adjuster assigned to the claim or multiple contents specialists, every adjuster has access to the inventory and can add whatever items necessary to complete the claim. After the inventory and values are agreed upon, the system contains a Replacement Cost Depreciation Tracking module.

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Claims Wire

ClaimsWire™ (CW) is SIMSOL's web-based solution for the electronic assignment, tracking and exchange of property claim data for the mobile field adjuster. Insurance Carriers, adjusting firms and contractor networks (i.e. assignment originators) with the capability of web-services output the first notice of loss and assignment information in a pre-defined WSDL data packet to CW. Loss notices may also be manually entered in the system. All participants in the claim life cycle are monitored for timeliness of reporting and automatically contacted by ClaimsWire™ if any days of service requirements or other claim handling milestones are upcoming or late.

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SIMSOL Web I-2-V core valuation data is taken directly from Craftsman Publishing's "National Building Cost Manual", now in its thirty-first year of printing. Since 1976, Craftsman has been supplying building professionals with preliminary estimate data for residential, commercial, industrial and agricultural buildings. In addition to Craftsman data, the experts at SIMSOL have added all types of component-based data based on their over twenty-five years of adjusting experience. Our on-staff adjusting professionals have taken the construction knowledge they have learned over the years and have applied it to our valuation system. SIMSOL Web I-2-V contains much of the same construction data used in our 20-Year old, award winning property adjusting software product, SIMSOL for Adjusters™

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Web Discovery

SIMSOL Discovery™ enables claim managers to quickly determine the weakest members of their adjusting staffs and make decisions on how to improve adjuster performance, reduce claim leakage, and increase the overall efficiency of their claims units.Discovery™ contains powerful estimate auditing tools enabling managers to electronically examine one or ten thousand estimates for accuracy and adherence to a specific number of company Best Practices. Property estimates are scored and anomalies are flagged for managers to review and determine if additional adjuster training is required or some other action must be taken. Discovery™ enables an insurance carrier's claims regions or offices to compare themselves to each other. Upper management can compare their entire organization to the industry (as SIMSOL defines it). Local managers can compare their staff adjusters to each other and, if independents or contractor networks are employed, compare their third-party vendors to one another. Managers equipped with Discovery™ can drill down, roll up, dissect, bisect, cross check, group, separate, audit or do just about any type of data analysis required to unlock the hidden value in the estimate data.

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